the-wolfman-2010-movie-poster1 I will admit I was a little pumped to see this movie because I am a fan of the old classic genre. However, upon reading some reviews at Rotten Tomatoes (31%) I have changed my mind over the course of the day. Let’s face it today’s movie studios are running out of ideas and continue to look for the quick remake that will put them at the tops of the box office.

Now, I haven’t seen The Wolfman so I can’t officially recommend this movie but this just proves my point a little more each day. Most of these remakes have been bombing in the ratings, yet somehow people are still going to see these movies. Who knows this movie might be fantastic but if you want to save your cash just send me $5 and I will film myself running shirtless around the park under a full moon.


  1. wahba February 16, 2010
  2. SRD February 19, 2010

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