The Oldest Dated Material that Originated on the Planet

Jack HillsA couple of years ago the Jack Hills, located on the mid west region of Australia, started getting special attention from geologists.That is because studies of the rocks here proved to be really special

Until 2005 the area was considered a regular place, nothing extraordinary. It was just a series of hills with a bright red colors in an arid climate. That all changed when, after analyzing local breeds, zircon crystals were found. The amazing part was the age of these crystals it ranges from 4.4-4.5 billion years. This means they are almost as old as the planet itself.
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But surprises didn’t end there! In 2011 those zircon crystals where analyzed and the zircon hydrogen contains two times more light isotopes. This might mean that life existed soon after the planet was formed. Studies are still being done to confirm or deny this.


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