Did you see this video game Rapelay from Japan?  CNN ran a story about it the other day and since then there has been outrage in America.  The game’s storyline goes  “The player plays as a chikan (a perverted man who frequently fondles women) in crowded subway trains.  A young woman named Aoi has the player arrested for molesting her.  Afterwards, the player plans to exact revenge by molesting and raping her entire family.”  You get the gist.  Pretty bizzare.  The game is banned in the US.

A follow up article by CNN says  “there have been thousands of comments, more than a million page views and many questions about how a culture can produce this genre of games and then quietly allow the industry to thrive.”

I’m not a gamer, but aren’t the most popular video games in North America based on hunting people down and slashing, shooting, or blowing them to bits?

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