Johnny Htoo and Luther Htoo

johnny and luther htooJohnny Htoo and Luther Htoo (born circa 1988) are twin brothers who jointly led the God’s Army guerrilla group—a splinter group of Karen National Union in Myanmar (Burma) during the late 1990s.

According to them and their followers, the twins gained fame in 1997 when they commanded the defenders of their village after troops of the Karen National Union had retreated.

Various legends claimed that the twins had numerous magical powers, including invulnerability to bullets and mines and that they could hand out magical bullets. Supposedly, they could kill by pointing a rifle at the ground and concentrating. One tale claims that Johnny turned himself into an old man and back when bathing in a river. Luther claimed he had 250,000 invisible soldiers in his command when Johnny had 150,000. Their flesh-and-blood followers amounted to between 150 and 300 men. Their men referred to them as Bu Lu and Bu Joh. Both were chain smokers.

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