Hello Big People

Hello, my name is Donna, people pay to watch me eat... no, seriously, they do.

So, I started reading a story this morning about people glorifying being fat. I came on to some great websites and some fantastic quotes. As far as I’m concerned, as long as I’m not paying for their health care or involved in reviving them or removing them from their homes after their heart attacks, they can do what they want.

“I love how my weight feels when I run, falling and shaking my body shortly after each step…” the 23-year-old Lexington, Ky., resident, writes on his blog. “The only thing I love more than being fat, is getting fatter.” website: GitBigger.com

Super size me: When bloggers approve – and glorify – obesity

Donna Simpson: “I don’t know why my target is 1,000lbs – it’s just the weight I believe I was born to be,”
‘I’m eating my way to 72st!’

“Supersize Donna Simpson has found a bizarre way to turn her passion for food into money. Hundreds of men pay to watch online as 45st Donna scoffs vast amounts of burgers, pizza, crisps and cakes in an attempt to hit her target weight of 1,000lbs, or 72st.

Since setting up her website last November, Donna, who squeezes into size 40 clothes, has already attracted 260 subscribers and their fees net her an impressive £2,000 a month – which she spends on food.”

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