Heavy Rain

I consider myself a gamer that likes to adventure away from the classic over hyped and commercialized games. I just bought a new game for the PS3 called Heavy Rain. No, not the movie “Hard Rain” with Christian Slater…damn that movie rules and I probably own it on laser disc but that’s for a later post.

This game steps out of the box with the tag-line “What would you do for someone you love?” Don’t get me wrong this is not a happy go lucky story staring Matthew McConaughey. You take control of 4 different characters and guide them through a series of chapters using QTE (Quick Time Events or for non gamers button mashing). The goal is to hunt down a serial killer who will be involved with each of the characters in one way or another. You can finish the game with numerous endings depending on the choices you make. You may end up killing each character, having one survive or make it to the end with all four.

I have played 75% of the game already and some of the choices made me think “Did I make the right decision?” Anyway, if you own a PS3 (exclusive to the PS3) give this game a rent at least. The reviews have been great and most people are playing it a second time because of the multiple scenarios.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKPPdgBK3r8

Also if you own a DVD Player go buy Hard Rain it has nothing to do with this game but who doesn’t want to see Christian Slater drive a boat down the middle of the street.


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