Food that Also Work as Cleaning Items

There is no need to buy fancy products filled with all sorts of dangerous chemicals. Look around, chances are you already have some natural options to help you out at home. Here are 5 of them:

1. Banana Skin –

This one can be used to give some shine to your silverware.


By jster91 | Flickr

2. Cucumber –

Use it on stained glass, mirrors and walls. It will make the stains a lot less visible.


By Max Mallett | Flickr

3. Ketchup –

Aside from being a great seasoning for your hot dogs and burgers it gives your pots and pans a nice shine.


By bfishadow | Flickr

4. Salt –

It is known for helping to take off the wine stains off of fabric.

salt shaker

By Karyn Christner | Flickr

5. Bread –

Whenever you break a glass, take a slice of bread, make it a bit wet and compact and run it over the small pieces that are left to pick them up.

home made bread

By Steve Johnson | Flickr

Do you know of any other foods that can be used while cleaning out the house?

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