Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf is a singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan. His new album, The Bearer of Bad News, is fantastic. Check out this live performance on KCRW.


Aidan Knight and Dan Mangan – Jasper


Woo Woooooo – Bubb Rubb

I think I probably make these posts to entertain myself.  So, here you go….Andrew.  Here is a funny news story that went viral a couple years ago. Bubb Rubb and his whistle tips.

Now check out this song by Canadian Band the Ghettosocks:  Only in the morning (sorry, I can’t link you directly there). Enjoy.. wooo WOOOOOOOOOOOO


Rich Terfry – Radio 2 Drive

Rich Terfry-tm

Rich Terfry (Buck 65) is a Canadian hip hop artist, MC and turntablist.  Currently, he is host of a show on CBC Radio 2 called Drive.  He does a fantastic job playing a diverse arrangement of Canadian music.  I have heard from a number of music enthusiasts that he is one of their favorites.  I concur.


The xx – All up in your ‘Basic Space’


The xx are a group of 20 year olds from London. Their sound bridges modern R&B with minimalist electronica and hushed vocals. Rumor has it they recorded their astronomical debut, conveniently titled “xx”, in a storage room at the back of their record label. The band met at Elliott School, whose alumni boasts such influentials as Hot Chip, Four Tet, & Burial. With a back story like that it’s no surprised they’re poised to be the next big thing. The record is out now in the UK and drop October 20th in North America.