10 Habits for a Better Life

Put these into your daily routine to have a better, more fulfilling life. It might be tough at first but parting ways with our bad habits and replacing them with good habits is by no means a simple task. It takes commitment, willpower but once you have created the new healthier habits your whole existence will improve.

10 habits to have in life

1. Wake up early.

10 Habits for a Better Life - wake up early

The early morning hours are the perfect time for refection and to take time to plan your day so that you are better organized and productive. Therefore you might even have some extra free time.

2. Gratitude.

15 Habits for a Better Life - gratitude

Don’t dedicate so much time thinking about your problems. Everyday try to shift your focus away from them and instead be grateful for what you have. Yes, even for your problems.

3. Smile.

10 Habits for a Better Life - smile

Studies have confirmed that people who smile a genuine smile (also referred to as a Duchenne smile) are happier. So do things that make you smile. Over time this habit will allow you to find emotional, mental and spiritual peace. So fate it until you make it. The physiology of our bodies dictates the psychology of our minds. Once we shift our outward appearance by consciously adjusting ourselves, our inward feelings follow.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast.

10 Habits for a Better Life

Let’s get rid of the no breakfast routine once and for all. It is making you tired, mal nourished and fat. A it takes is some planning and combining it with habit #1.

5. Exercise.

10 Habits for a Better Life - Exercise

Don’t panic. I am not talking about heavy training, like for a marathon or weightlifting like crazy. This is about doing something that at least gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping a bit faster. This will boost the production of endorphins in your body. This won’t get you ripped or a beach body but it will make you fee more energetic and happy.

6. Drink water with lemon.

10 Habits for a Better Life - drink water with lemon

Preferably in the morning before eating. This will improve your digestion, boost your immune system and re-hydrate your body. With time you will start feeling all of its benefits an you won’t want to stop doing it ever again.

7. Read.

10 Habits for a Better Life - read

It doesn’t matter what you read, it can be a newspaper, a novel, a blog or even comics. Audiobooks and movies are amazing but don’t rely on them. It will help you uncover new worlds, improve your grammar, educate yourself and most importantly to maintain your brain younger for longer.

8. Daily goal setting.

10 Habits for a Better Life - Daily goal setting

While long-term goals do give us direction and motivation in life, setting daily goals allow us to create short-term milestones that will help us reach our larger goal and make it feel less overwhelming.

9. Inspire yourself.

10 Habits for a Better Life - Inspire yourself

It’s often difficult to stay motivated for a long time. It is normal to get discouraged and dissuaded from our goals when we see little progress or things arise in life that send us on tangents. That is why looking for daily inspiration is important. So read books, listen to testimonial of success to keep you dreaming and working towards your goal.

10. Learn something new.

10 Habits for a Better Life - learn something new

Educate yourself, and learn something new every single day. This will make you feel more full filled and accomplished in your life, will keep your brain younger and believe it or not it will make time go slower. One of the reasons why time seems to go faster every time is that with time we start learning less and less. So get an online course, read, watch a video tutorial or listen to podcasts.


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